Why Is It So Terrible To Be Skinny? (and why is it any of your business if I am?)

Recently, there was a big media uproar about a clothing store in Australia that had a mannequin showing ribs.











The debate began (all over again) on how society is forcing our women and children to try to achieve a perfect (or skinny) body.

What the heck?  I look like that!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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I am by no means a ‘Perfect’ body, and I don’t believe that clothes look ‘better’ on skinny people, but I like my body and I like the way I look.  Sorry folks, I love me!

Why should I feel bad about being skinny?  I eat healthy and I work out and these are the results I got. Yours may be different.


I don’t think it’s wrong that I avoid white sugar, white flour, and salt and that I really, really enjoy physical activity.

People make a big fuss over it when I won’t eat sweets or treats, but would they have the same judgemental reaction to a Muslim who doesn’t eat pork? or a vegan who doesn’t want to eat meat?

Well, healthy eating and lifestyle happen to be my belief.  I do not force it on anyone or judge them for not having the same belief.  And a side effect of healthy eating and lots of exercise is that I happen to be skinny.

By the way, there are also some genetics involved.  My daughter does not eat healthy or work out, yet she is very skinny (skinnier than me!).  She can count how many time people have told her ‘Go eat a hamburger’ (she probably just did).  Both of us happen to stop eating when we are full.  I don’t like the feeling of stuffing myself.

I’ve seen other people cram in a Thanksgiving dinner and then go lie on the couch, writhing in pain “Ow, my stomach hurts – I ate too much.”  Good for them!

Hey, I am skinny, and yes, sometimes I am a ‘Bitch’ – but I bet you are too – it’s not because I am skinny.

I like who I am.  I like how I look. I don’t feel that I have to apologize to anyone.

Maybe mannequins should come in all sizes.  People do!

The media is the word – what do you have to say about it?

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