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Everyone has different interests and this is a part of what makes each of us unique.  This page is to share with you some of my own connections of curiosity.


This page is still in the oven – I will be adding a lot more ingredients here as time goes on.

Writing:Books People Climbing

This is my passion; what I feel I was meant to do.  I do not do it enough.  Writing is a hobby that I find exhilarating.  To move people to emotion with only written word on page is something I find fascinating and challenging.

Here are some of my favourite writing sites:

Writers Guild of Alberta

Alexandra Writer’s Centre Society

Free Fall Magazine


I love to dance, albeit I am not that good.  But I believe that ‘we are what we consistently do’.  I dance every day; therefore, I believe that I can call myself a dancer – just not a ‘good’ dancer.  I love ballroom, especially the Latin genres of Cha Cha, Salsa, and Samba.  My favourite partner dance right now is West Coast Swing.  I also take lessons in Contemporary.

Dance Couple

Here are some links to my most-loved dance sites:

So You Think You Can Dance

Dancing with the Stars

West Coast Swing Links:West Coast Swing

Dance Energy – dance studio in Calgary, Alberta

Dance with Mike and Sanna – dance instructors in Calgary, Alberta

Forensic Science and Criminal Profiling:crime scene

Crime has always fascinated me – why do some people commit crimes; what makes some people capable of murder, while others are not.  What is the thought process that makes someone a criminal.  I also love the investigative and forensic tools used to provide absolution to who committed the crime.  I tend to watch quite a few ‘true’ crime shows – I am not a big fan of crime dramas or television series that are made up, except for perhaps ‘Law and Order’ which is based on true criminal cases.

Here are links to some fascinating crime, forensic and investigation sites:

Mystery Detectives (watch episodes)

Motives and Murders

City of Calgary, Alberta – interactive crime by area map

City of Calgary, Alberta – unsolved crimes or on Facebook

Canadian Society of Forensic Science

RCMP – Behavioural Science

RCMP – Criminal Investigation Analysis

CSI Web Adventures – Forensic Science Games

Criminal Investigator Games

Unsolved Canadian Crimes – Unsolved Canada

Fitness and Health:Yoga Women Doing on a Beach

For 23 years, I was a fitness instructor.  When I was 8 months pregnant with my son, I took my Alberta Fitness Leader Association (AFLCA) training and became certified in pre/postnatal fitness and women’s weight training.  My son was born just before the final exam. Over the years I expanded my certification to include:

  • Dryland Group Aerobics including Step Aerobics
  • Weight/Strength Training
  • Pilates (I also taught some Yoga, but was not certified in it, although I attended many workshops)
  • Aquacise and Deep Water Aerobics
  • Boxercize and Kick-aerobox
  • Dance and Stripper-cize

I stopped teaching so that I could spend more time with my family and especially focus on enjoying fitness activities with my husband.  The two of us do a lot of kayaking, cycling and hiking in the summer, downhill and cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing in the winter.

I have recently returned to teaching fitness classes and now include Barre in my repertoire!

Some websites that I enjoy that are focussed on fitness and health are:

The Mayo Clinic

InLiv – A Calgary, Alberta based activity website

Yoga Splits

Kino MacGregor Yogi Instagram


No Equipment Workouts

I’m still working on some more of my favourite links….

Women’s Issues:Woman Flexing


I know that men have issues as well, and many of their issues are similar to women’s issues; however, I have found that in the years since women have been trying to become citizens of a world that has historically belonged to men, they have experienced struggles that I relate to; that I believe all women relate to, and that much of the world do not want to really deal with.  True, not all women want to be equal, and I believe that many women do not even understand what respect is, but I love the issues, I love to watch to world react, and I love to see the women strive for success – whatever that is.

I come from a family where there were six siblings – all girls – raised on a farm.  We also had several foster sisters over the years.  In the valley where I grew up, there were many large families – some of them had all girls like us, and some had all boys with only one girl, like my neighbour.  You will likely see many of my blog topics around women’s issues, as I am very interested in these.

Special Women Issues Links:

Miss Representation – you must watch the trailer to her movie!

Calgary Family Services – Nurture Yourself Program (they have Men’s, Sr.’s, and Children’s programs as well in several languages).

Calgary Catholic Family Services – they offer non-denominational non-religious services for families and women.

AWE – Alberta Women’s Entrepreneurs – services and yes, loans, for women who want to start their own business.  Low and no cost programs and services available in the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

Soroptimist International – the link is for the Calgary Chapter; however, this is an international organization where women volunteer to support women’s issues. I have not yet joined, but I am sure I will.

Glow (Girls Leading Others Wisely) – a volunteer program for teen and pre-teen girls to improve confidence and self esteem.


Women Circle Holding HandsPositive Beliefs and Thoughts:

My mantra is “I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.” (Judith M. Knowlton) Although I don’t always portray this in my behaviours, this is what I strive for as I have found that the best way to be happy, is to just be happy!

Most people I meet are looking to be happy.  That’s really all they want in life.  My advice is then – so be happy.  Really it is only just and attitude switch.  Although changing your perspective on anything in the world, including this positive thoughts topic, is merely a decision and a decision can be made in a split second, most people need time to understand and generate their opinions and beliefs.  Here are a few links that I really like that will help you along your journey to positive beliefs and thoughts:

My personal favourite: Dani Johnson – she is a non-traditional guru on just getting your life in order.  My husband and I attended her workshop in July (San Antonio, Texas) and my kids in August (Long Beach, Los Angeles, California), and I am very impressed.  I am an affiliate if you are interested in the products.

Secret MillionaireI first saw Dani Johnson on Secret Millionaire, and was very impressed.

Anthony (Tony) Robbins

Louise Hay and the Hay House – you need to view her video!  and enjoy Louise’s Daily Affirmations.

Notes from the Universe!

Cynthia Kersey – Unstoppable!


Learning Spanish Language:Women chatting over coffee


In 2011, my son was in Czech Republic for several months on a student exchange, and my daughter had moved out with friends for a short while.  The house seemed very quiet, and I thought, quite tranquil.  What a perfect time to take up learning a new language – I had always wanted to learn Spanish.  Before my son had left for Czech, I had bought him the Pimsleur’s Speak and Learn Essential Czech.  By the end of the first day (30 minutes of practice) he was already speaking Czech!  I was very impressed, so I order the Spanish version for myself.  There are 16 lessons, so after only 2 weeks, I needed more.  I repeated the 16 sessions and ordered the next level, which had 30 lessons, including the 16 I already had.  Hmmm.  The next sets where quite expensive, ergo a little search on eBay and I found the next three levels, plus a bonus level, all in MP3s for much less than Amazon was offering just one lesson set at.  I ordered it immediately and have been practicing during my daily commute ever since.  We also started a little club at work, and I joined a conversation group at my local library which I attended for two sessions.

Here are some of my favourite sites that you can use if you are interested in learning how to speak Spanish:

Pimsleur Language Training – you can also find these on Amazon or eBay

Rosetta Stone Language Training

Study Spanish has lots of free content. My work group uses this one.

At work we also use Spanish Programs which has free and paid content.

Conjugating verbs is probably the hardest part of learning Spanish.  Here’s a great downloadable verb table.



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