The Purpose of the Blog and Rules of Engagement

The Evie Hat is a blog which discusses topics on being the best you that you can be.  It focuses on getting people to help each other achieve goals for improvement, empowerment, and self-esteem and awareness.  It is a forum for people to tell their story and ask for something they need.

The way it works:

I’ll start the blog topic and invite you to post your comments. These can be thoughts, opinions, suggestions, experiences, and things you want help with.  When someone has posted something that indicates a need for help, others are invited to offer help.

Help comes in many forms.  You may be an expert in a field being discussed and can provide a service to the individual that would help them.  You might have had a similar experience and can offer your suggestions of what worked for you.  You may just be someone who can offer support to this person in need.  The catch is that you must offer your help FREE OF CHARGE with no expectations.  The only thing you will get out of this deal is the great feeling of helping someone else.  I would then invite the person in need and the helper to document their story of success to feature on The Evie Hat website.  If the receiver is happy with the results, the giver is welcome then to advertise on The Evie Hat and help others at your regular fee (or free again if you so wish).

It’s about helping others achieve their goals.

Examples:  The problem can be anything.

Example 1:  Maybe you need to lose weight or get healthy.   Someone who is a Standing on A Scaleprofessional Personal Trainer can offer to provide you free services to help you with your workout.  A Certified Nutritionist could give you free help with a meal plan, cooking lessons, take you shopping, etc.  This would be a great idea if you are new to your field of expertise and would like to prove your worth.  You also don’t need to be a professional – perhaps you are someone who would like to offer to be a workout partner three days a week.  Or maybe you know a lot about healthy eating and want to volunteer to go through the person’s kitchen with them and teach them about food.  Maybe you are someone who just wants to share tips and their own story to help.

Example 2:  You’ve been in a car accident (or similar scenario) and you can’t do any chores.

auto_insurance_clip_art_25596  Someone may volunteer to come over and mow your lawn; another person may want to help you do housework; someone else may be able to walk your dog.  Maybe a professional could help you with physiotherapy.




Example 3:  Your finances are a mess – you might have lost your job, or you’ve overspent – whatever the reason.  There might be someone who can help you sort out your financial record, or help with financial planning.  Maybe someone else can do your resume, or even someone else has a job or can help you look for one.  (There is to be no exchange of money, so no one can look for monetary handouts.)

Dollar Signs


Example 4:  You need to find your passion – or perhaps you know your passion, but you need help engaging and motivating yourself to pursue it.  Perhaps a Life Coach wants to offPersonal Trainerer services.

Maybe someone knows of some organizations or groups that are related to your interest.  Maybe you just need someone to call you daily and nag you until you work on it.





Example 5:  You are having issues with a relationship – your spouse, your child, your mother, your friend, your boss – whoever.  Again, a Life Coach, someone who has experienced something similar, a Counselor.  There may be a course on Anger Hearts DoubleManagement or Dealing with Relationship, or you may just need Al Anon, etc.  Maybe there is a group that you can join.

So, I think you are starting to get the idea. The problems can be endless – they may be something many of us would consider minor, but you just need help to cope – right to things that are life altering (well, really, everything is), and you need a major overhaul.  It does not have to be one thing – lay it all out at once if you think you can tackle them all!  The help may come from anywhere.

In the above examples, the person requesting help should not expect free things like:  parking, admission to a gym, food/supplements (but don’t try to sell them any), gas for their lawnmower, or actual money to invest, etc.

Rules of Engagement:

Boxing GirlsThe rules are straightforward.  The problems are to be things that you cannot do on your own – this is not the website of free handouts.  There may be things we reject – this is not a place to look for Botox or makeup or liposuction.  We want REAL problems and REAL solutions.  The Evie Hat wants to help people love who they are and then be the best of that person that they can be.

Comments must be supportive and constructive.  It is ok to be ‘rude’, but do not be mean.  This is not a forum to attack other people, but I am ok with giving people ‘tough love’.  I expect people to TRY.  There is no ‘can’t’, there is only ‘not yet, but I’m trying’.

When you are looking for a solution to fix something in your life, there is no magic pill.  If it seems too good to be true, then it absolutely is.  You should expect to work hard, try and fail several times, feel lost and frustrated.  But, the rest of us on this forum expect you to get up and try again.  We will be there to support you.

Any suspicions of people scamming, ripping off, or using others in this forum will

Women Circle Holding Hands

be investigated and reported to authorities.  Any posts that  deems as ‘below the belt’, attacking, unfair, or abusive, or those that are trying to sell something or scam someone, will be removed, investigated and may be reported to authorities.

I have seen such an outflow of volunteers in the Calgary area and surrounding communities since the debilitating flood that happened recently, that I am proud to be part of this community and know that people will step forward to help one another.

Please do not compare one problem over the other as more or less important.  The problem is important to the person who needs help.  Everything and Everyone is important.


Copyright 2016 Evelyn Earl