So, You Like to Dance….

I like to dance; in fact, I LOVE to dance.  Dancing allows a person to create an experience through movement and music.  It allows someone to connect with themselves and express their emotions in a beautiful and fluid form.

Dance WesternYou don’t need to be athletic, flexible, or fit.  You don’t need to have rhythm, an ear for music, or catch the beat.  You don’t need to be beautiful, wear the latest trends, or be able to stand on your toes.  You just need to move.  Movement can inspire.  Movement can show pain, fear, helplessness, love, passion, beauty, and in fact, anything you want it to.

Dance when you are happy.  Dance when you are sad.  Dance when you are angry.  Dance when you just don’t care.  But dance!

Dance to me, fills me with emotion.  I love to experience emotion – feeling what is buried deep within a song.  It is creative.

There are so many kinds of dance and I think I love them all.  Hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, Latin, swing, two-step, square dance, Celtic Step, Bollywood, disco, and all types of ethnic dances.  I love to watch people step through those musical rhythms and make their way to the end of the song.  The story they tell always fascinates me.

I would love to hear what you like about dance.  Would you like to learn to dance?  A particular dance?  Do you have a dance story? Tell me how dance makes you feel or a dance experience you have had.

Waiting.  Dance on.

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