I Hate Every *&%# one and Every *&%# thing!

Everyday I go on Facebook to keep up with some of my distant friends and relatives – those people who I could not otherwise get to visit with too often.  I have noticed recently (but I guess it’s always been there) that people tend to post about things they don’t like.  Things they find offensive, things the government does that makes our Prime Minister a baddy, or even their own opinions about how the world ‘should’ be – all in a negative manner.

I could care less that DIET coke is bad for you – all pop is bad for you – duh?  Why tell me about all the horrible things Stephen Harper is doing?  He is the Prime Minister and you are not going to get away from that, so why not look for what he is doing right and try to encourage more of that?  I know that Maria Kang asked us all ‘What’s Your Excuse’ with the photo of her great bod and three little ones, but what makes you focus on that? Why do you really care?  I think you may be taking her message a little too personal (and perhaps missed her meaning, as we do not know what was going on in her head).  Yes, yes, I know you all went without a helmet and stayed out past dark when you were little and nothing happened to you (or did it?) – does that really mean that kids and parents today are wrong?  I am so sorry that you feel mothers who use disposable diapers are evil; hello some of them have to work or find it more convenient (none of your business).

By now, you are probably thinking of quite a few things you have seen that tick you off or that you don’t like.  Take some time to really focus on that pet peeve you have, the office coworker you dislike, the traffic issues that bug you, the way other people do things that make you mad.  I want you to notice how it makes you feel.   Do you like how it makes you feel?  I hope not.  So why do it?

Today, for at least ONE DAY only, I would like you to try to focus only on what is right in the world.  Think about what you like.  Like something or find beauty in everything you see or experience today.

If you have to go to a meeting that really bores you or you know will be uncontentious try to find something good about it – you may have an unexpected outcome.  If you are out of milk for your morning coffee, focus on the fact that you get to have a nice freshly brewed cup from Tim Horton’s instead.  That coworker (or grocery cashier, or neighbour, or sibling, or friend, or hairdresser, or post office clerk – fill in the blank) that really irks you is at it again.  Say something really nice to them, but find something that you can be honest and authentic about.  See what their reaction is.  If it is negative, try again.  If it is something they are doing that tics you off – why?  Ignore it.  I find it interesting how many people find someone else’s laugh really grating or irritating. Hello – they’re laughing!  Get it?

We live in a beautiful country, with wealth, health, beauty, love, and so many other good things.  If you don’t live here, you live somewhere that has something great, even if its only the people who love you, or the stray cat that plays in the alley that you watch for hours.  You have greatness in your life.  Focus on that.

Try it for one day.  Let me know what your results are.  Tell me what you saw.  I am doing this today (Sunday, January 19, 2014), and I will let you know what I see!



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