Can I get three things?

Alien Bugs BunnyEach day things happen to us.  Some of them crappy; some of them better; some of them … meh.  What you focus on will influence your happiness.

Try this test:  For a month, at the end of each day sit and reflect for 10 minutes.  Think of three things in your day that made it great. Write them down if you like.  Think of those things and remember how you felt at the time; did you smile, did you laugh, did you feel thankful or grateful, did you make someone else happy.

These do not have to big, grandiose, life-changing things.  Every day miracles will do just fine.  You saw some beautiful flowers.  Your dog was happy when you got home from work.  The grocery clerk told you a funny story.  Back to the Future came on tv just when you had a free 90 minutes.  You were thinking of a good friend you haven’t talked with in a while and they happened to phone.  You found five bucks in your jacket.

So what about it?  What smacked you smiley today?

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