Gluten for You and Gluten for Me

I really like this article, albeit brief, about the misnomers around gluten-free diets.  Most people are not Celiacs – in fact, only 1% of the population has this disease.  Wheat and carbohydrates are not only good for you, but are required for the body to function properly.  Yes, I agree, each person has a choice when they decide what they eat – try to make it an informed choice – do your research.

Gluten freeI personally try to eat ‘healthy’ foods only, and stick to as close to raw or unprocessed as possible, but I admit, with our fast-paced lifestyle, I do purchase individually-packaged rice, fruit, tuna, meat, pudding, raw veggies, yogurt, drinks, crackers, etc., but I try to stay away from white flour, white sugar, salt and preservatives where ever possible.  I find I ‘feel’ better, have more energy and can keep a clear mind.  I also try to exercise throughout the day – once or twice a day.

I would love to hear about your own dietary plans and why you do them.  Or if you don’t have one and how that affects you.

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