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This site is a combination of everything that makes me Evie.  You might call it a digital extension of who I am! It is a collection of my likes, my passions, my interests, and provides a way for others to help each other be the best ‘themselves’ they can be.

Posts:  On this website, I will post articles and links that I find that match with my interests and hopefully you will find something to inspire, motivate and interest you!

Blog:  The blog portion of this site is to allow people to discuss things they struggle with and for others to provide help (see Blog Rules of Engagement for details).  We all have something that we find difficult to deal with, that if resolved, would help us in becoming the best person we can be.  I don’t mean that we should try to change who we are, but rather, we should enhance those great attributes that make us – us!

blog-icon-mdNew Blog topics originally were added sporadically; however, I want to have a 52-week discussion on what I have found out since leaving my job.  New posts will be added weekly from this point forward.  

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Camel Toe Diaries: (still under construction) are stories about ‘weird’ things we have encountered that cross the ‘over share’ line, but cannot be unseen.  They are not meant to be mean, but rather to enlighten, poke fun and make you smile.  I also have some rules here, but we will be flexible.

Why the Evie Hat?

I was considered a weird child.  I liked things that were unique, out of the ordinary and eccentric people.  Vincent Price, Stephen King, and B-Grade horror movies were among my favourites.  I think it made me feel awe to see people who would be willing to do things that were outside the norm for society.  Things that would make other people cringe, or question them and take notice as to what was going on – whether it be ‘Wow, that’s cool’ or ‘Ew, that’s creepy’ – either was ok for me because the doer was ok with being themselves; doing what they wanted; not concerned with other people’s opinion of them.

I did not have a lot of confidence when I was little and always felt like others would judge me or what I was doing or the things I liked.  Reading books was an escape for me because I could go to exotic places and live the lives of people who did strange, weird and wonderful things and said what was really on their minds.  I also liked playing dress-up, and acting in plays because then I could be someone else and the audience wasn’t judging me, but rather the character I was playing.

The Christmas that I was seven (1972), my sister Robin made me a crocheted hat.  It was purple and pink and green and wonderful!  I opened the present and jumped up to give my sister a big hug.  Seeing the hat sitting on the floor with no one around it, my Dad exclaimed ‘Who made the Evie Hat?’  You see, he knew that hat could belong to no other person in our house because the weirdness of the hat screamed ‘Evie’!  I happily admitted that Robin had made it for me and vowed to wear it everywhere I went – winter or summer. That hat gave me the confidence to be me and to do whatever I wanted.

I think that I stopped wearing the hat when I went into Grade 8, which was the year that kids in my town went to a new school considered the ‘high school’ for Grade 8 through 12.  You were supposed to act mature and toss away your childhood insecurities and baby-like characteristics.  This was also the same year that my Dad died.  I’ve missed that hat and I sure could have used the confidence and security it provided to help me be me and get through those hard times.  The hat set aside, I spent many, many long years in pain, distress and not able to find my true purpose, ignoring my passions.

Recently I found the hat in a box in my garage and showed it to my kids, telling them the story and showing them the picture of the day I got it. I realized that the hat was a great symbol for who I am and what I believe in, which is being yourself, following your passions, and doing your best every day!

You may have some symbol that is your own ‘Evie Hat’ – a shirt, a pair of sunglasses, a costume, or even a hat.  It doesn’t have to be something physical either; maybe you have a thought, a saying, a mantra, a person you like to think about, a picture of yourself, or a memory of a wonderful day. Something that grounds you and symbolized who you are. You are you!

I may add more sections to this site over time as discovery along my journey leads me to new places and ideas.  I hope that you enjoy this and find what you are looking for in life!

Namaste and Be Good To Yourself!


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